Monday, April 8, 2013

I was invited to take a look at an off-grid home in Pendelton Co., West Virginia this past weekend.  Imagine running across this in the midst of fields and forests.................!

Our friend Jason recently turned us onto a great website that features special off the grid places like this one from across the globe.  Free Cabin Porn is well worth a look if you like to daydream about being somewhere that is pretty much just awesome.  There are lots of off-grid homes pictured and the site really does feature eye candy that spans our corner of the Appalachians all the way to Austrailia, Norway and beyond. 


  1. Oh yeah, I see you linked cabinporn. Good job.

    Next, check out

    really, it's me, not spam.

  2. Cabinporn is nice. Dang, those Europeans are up to something!


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