Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bill Howley

Bill Howley was killed last week in an automobile accident. He was a customer, a friend and had recently assumed a leadership role with WV SUN organizing groups of homeowners in Morgantown and Wheeling who have an interest in solar into coops. The Hur Hearld, in Bill's home county of Calhoun, published a short notice that is worth reading. You can find it here.
Bill was super-smart and incredibly passionate about energy. His grasp of energy policy in West Virginia and across the nation always astounded me and I greatly appreciated the time that he would take to explain just what was going on either at the PSC, the legislature or throughout PJM and the rest of the country. He was patient and could distill complex issues, but he also had an enthusiasm for the topic that was palpable. His enthusiasm extended well beyond energy. I always enjoyed hearing about his family and his efforts at gardening, bee keeping and blacksmithing. He is much missed.