Wednesday, July 2, 2014

LED Lighting Retrofit with D&E College GreenWorks!

I was asked to help the GreenWorks! club at D&E College replace a metal halide lamp at the entrance to the Eshleman Science Center.  GreenWorks! wanted to use an LED fixture that would consume less energy and they also wanted to add a light under the causeway to make it easier for pedestrians to see the stairs that wrap down and around the corner of the building.

Members from D&E's GreenWorks! club are shown here installing the two new LED fixtures and the conduit that connects them.  The club members installed a photo sensor on the light above the door to control the operation of both lights.

Here is the final product.  The replacement LED fixture is low-profile and blends in with the exterior of the building.  The club members did a really nice job of running conduit along the exterior to the second  light under the causeway.

Rob Orr, who is a club member, took these photos at night to illustrate the quantity and quality of the light produced by the new LED fixtures.  This light color is more white than the original metal halide fixture.  The metal halide fixture only illuminated the area in front of the entrance doors.  It was rated as a 130-watt bulb.  The LED that took its place consumes 10 watts and the new LED fixture under the causeway uses 30 watts.
Pretty cool!  Something else that is cool is that the Eshleman Science Center has grade-level entrances for each of its four floors.  That's impressive!!