Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taproot Farm Taps Power from the Sun

Many thanks to Beth at Taproot Farm in Hampshire County, WV who reminded me that blogs don’t have to be great literary works – they just need to be consistent and interesting (or consistently interesting?!?!). Thanks!!!!

Taproot Farm is poised to come on line as one of West Virginia’s newest solar power plants. Beth and her husband Tim contracted PIMBY to install a very nice 5-kW PV system on a pavilion adjacent to their home on the banks of the Cacapon River.

Allen, Beth and Tim’s youngest, worked with us on the install. Allen is just back from a 2-week course at Solar Energy International (SEI). There’s no better way to apply all of that learning than to get right into an installation.

Sun at Work (almost)

Son at Work

Guys on the Roof at Work

PIMBY Truck at Work

Bees (really) at Work

More Bee Work!
Meet the newest hive at Taproot Farm.