Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Cleveland............,WV - Cristi's Cook Shack

Cristi's Cook Shack is not in Ohio. It's in Cleveland, WV on Rt 20, south of Buckhannon, just into Webster County.

I wanted to post this b/c I'm excited about the prospect of stopping in again. I love food (good food) and I spend a lot of time on small roads throughout the Mountain State without the benefit of a Cook Shack nearby. Cristi's is so exceptional that it would be worth scheduling in as a day trip destination.

You can read reviews and get the digits for Cristi's at Urbanspoon. Cristi is open 7 days a week for breakfast (all day), lunch, and dinner. Cleveland, WV was established as a timber camp back in the peak lumber years. There is a gallery of historic photos on the walls and the converted gas station is renovated to give the feel of a lumber-era dining room - it's super cool and in a super sweet part of the state.

Not to go on about Cristi's, but............she had these great dinner specials on the menu that included things like Jambalaya for Fat Tuesday and Corned Beef w/ Cabbage for St. Pat's. And there was wine, and beer, and stone ground grits (I love grits), and huge hamburgers, and belgian pancakes, sandwiches with sauteed fresh greens and cheddar jack cheese......and all the bread is homemade too! All of this right in Cleveland!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WV Small Farms Conference - Better and Better Every Year!

Just a quick note to follow-up on the single best way to welcome Spring back to the Mountain State - the WV Small Farms Conference. The event wrapped up on Saturday concluding a great three days of presentations, contests, and eating. Take a look to see some of the sumptuous photos that are included on the wvfarm2u blog (I love seeing fresh greens at this time of year - yum!!). As one conference goer noted, "The meals are worth the price of registration." I quite agree. It was a record year for the event in terms of revenue for the Winter Blues Farmers Market event and overall attendance. Next year (2013) the event will run from Feb 28 - Mar 2. Good food is good energy!