Monday, July 18, 2011

Solar in West Virginia: Photon Magazine Article

Photon Magazine sent a writer and photographer out to the Mountain State last January to gather stories about the solar market in West Virginia. Photon is an international magazine read by professionals who deal in all facets of the solar industry including; solar panel manufacturers, utility-scale project developers, financiers, and installation experts. The article has just come out in print edition and it highlights three solar businesses in WV as well as a sampling of their customers.

Mike, from Photon Magazine, discovers the power of poultry at Taproot Farm in Capon Bridge, WV. Mike and photographer, Frederic, saw some stiff January temps in their multi-day tour of the state.

Beth and Tim, owners of Taproot Farm and customers of PIMBY Energy, pose here for one of the photos that appeared the magazine's article on the solar industry in West Virginia.


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