Monday, October 25, 2010

A Great Home and a Great Day for an Open House

Great weather and fantastic attendance marked the October 23 Open House event at Karen and Larry's home near Hazelton, WV. With the sun shining and the wind blowing the electric meter was racing backward.

There was a lot of interest in the solar thermal system which heats the home and also provides the domestic hot water. Jonathan Sherman from Berkeley Home Technologies acted as the GC on the construction of the house and was available for questions regarding all aspects of the home's construction and operation.

One aspect of the home that I really enjoyed seeing was the wide use of LED lighting. Here is an example of some can-style recessed LED lighting in one of the rooms. LEDs were also in use in closets, under counters and as cove lighting in the main sitting room. The electricity making these lights glow is all coming from the home's 2.7kW PV array and 2.5kW wind turbine. PIMBY Energy installed the hybrid wind and solar electric system which is grid-tied for net metering and also has battery-backup.

The house looked great inside and out. Would you believe that those countertops are made from recycled paper!?

A BIG thanks to Mr BIG for the use of this and several other nice shots!

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  1. Well, I had fun. Thanks to everyone involved, very inspirational project.


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