Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The West Virginia Solar Tour 2010 (Oct 2)

The American Solar for Energy Society helps local organizations and homeowners publicize an annual tour of homes with solar electric (PV) and solar hot water systems. More than 3,000 communities across the U.S. will host solar tours on Saturday October 2.

A 52-panel PV array at the Book Exchange. This is one of the solar electric (PV) projects that will be on the Morgantown Solar Tour.

This year ASES Nationa Solar Tour sites include a solar hot water system in Naoma, West Virginia as well as several solar electric and solar hot water systems in Morgantown, West Virginia. These tours give the public a chance to see renewable energy technology at work within their own community.

To learn more about the Naoma, West Virginia solar tour contact:

Cathy Kunkle @ 304-854-2182


To learn more about the Morgantown, West Virginia solar tour contact:

John Garlow @ 304-276-3655



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