Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Windy Days for Wind Turbines in WV

With the arrival of the cold front yesterday we have emerged from late summer doldrums and officially entered the windy season.

I ran out to Sheeps and Peeps Farm this AM to take some video with the digital camera. The Bergey Excel-S turbine was jammin! Some video highlights include Sampson (the dog) howling (he sounds like an owl), wind chimes, the turbine pegging its nameplate rating (10kW), and the utility meter "spinning" backward.

One note about the spinning backward; the new digital meters have a set of bars that emulate the pace and direction of electrons through the meter. These dial emulators are hard to see and are not nearly as exciting as the traditional dial-style meters.


  1. Great video! What a perfect day for windmill watching. I think everyone in the family shared this on facebook. I was watching the output on Monday and it was frequently hitting 7 to 8Kw. Pretty exciting stuff!

  2. Matt! I need help. This video I need it for my college project on turbines. Can you please send it to my email (darinda_slaubaugh87@hotmail.com) from your files. Thank you, Darinda (Sharon's daughter-in-law)

  3. Yeah, yer right. Not as exciting as meter type indicators. But very cool none the less. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.


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