Monday, August 10, 2009

Sheeps and Peeps (and Wind Turbines)

The barnyard has a new addition.......

This is the new 10K Bergey wind turbine at the Sheeps and Peeps Farm in Preston Co., WV. The turbine is grid-tied and it provides power to the house, barn, and office.

The sheep seemed to be generally unconcerned by the new wind machine. Sampson, the pasture pup, was a bit agitated by the strange spinning thing, but he has made peace and is now focusing on finding the left over fat scraps that he neglected during the installation.

Sheeps and Peeps Farm specializes in hand-dyed yarns. The dyes are derived naturally and some of the colors are really fantastic. You can find their merchandise on Etsy. I was lucky enough to start this job during the spring lambing season and so I not only got to see the workshop/office but also the barn in full swing.

The powerhead is shown here prior to mounting on the tower. This tower is an 80' freestanding tower - no guy wires. The powerhead weighs about 950 lbs, thus the mechanical assistance from Tim who took time out from haying to help.

When you get a box of this caliber the possibilities are vast. Clubhouse, lemonade stand, veterinarian office, new PIMBY Energy corporate headquarters......who knows.

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