Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Love the International Space Station - It's Off-grid with a 110-kW Solar Array!

I can't give a presentation about solar without mentioning the International Space Station.  It epitomizes off-grid living at its most extreme.  The New York Times recently featured a beautiful video that shows views of our planet from the ISS, "Earth, the Marvelous Blue Orb." 

"One of the little-known benefits of the space station is that it is at just the right altitude to photograph things on Earth. Every week, the astronauts aboard the space station record images of things that would spew headlines if we saw them on any one of the thousands of planets that we now know circle other stars." 
-NY Times 4/2/15

 The video has footage of our planet; thunderstorms, city lights, volcanic eruptions.  It is also fun to watch the solar arrays on the ISS as they move from shadow to sun.  You can learn more about the ISS electrical system on Wikipedia.  NASA also offers a site to help you spot the ISS in the nights sky. 

It's up there, and it's off the grid!

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